A cheery hello I made with my cricut machine.

Hi, I'm Meg Elliott (M.E.!) I love creative moments and positivity. I create a wide range of personal and comercial work.

The majority of my work is self-initiated. It is focused in capturing positivity, both in emotion and makes. I find the most interesting materials include effervescent emotion like neon or shiny colour, touchable fabrics or squishy yarns, and childhood throwbacks or fandom embraces.

My comercial work primarily consists of sewn creations where I work to capture fandoms using custom design and unique styling.

I am currently the visionary behind House of Ghic: Geeky & Chic Fashion & Novelties. We focus on curating the indentity of alternative minded individuals who embody the essence of Geek Chic Culture. As a long-term project, we create and provide chic geeky fashion while abolishing traditional genderized clothing labels. If you or family would like to be included as a subject in an upcoming photo shoot or fashion show, please contact me and we can discuss scheduling you in an upcoming shoot.

Send a message to meg.m.e.moments@gmail.com with any inquiries.